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While writing this page the song “In and Out Of Love” is bouncing around my mind. Why? Because my reading habits are just like the song says- I tend to go in and out of reading phases and I have most of my life. When I was little, my mom would read to me and, when old enough, I read the book out loud. I had a little set of fairy tales books, about 1″ square in size, which were call A Little Chest of Treasures and they were. Just the right size in all ways: size, font, photos, length. I ran across these the several months ago and shipped them to my niece whom I hope will enjoy them like I did.

Mom also had me and my sister at the local library at least once a week. The first real book I remember reading was Dogsbody (out of print many moons ago). Well, this started my fascination with Sci-Fi as I read this genre almost exclusively until I reached my teens where I stopped reading all together with the exception of mandatory school reading. It wasn’t until I was out of high school before I picked back up on my beloved Sci-Fi and began mixing it up a bit with other genres. Modern Romance and Historical Romance came along in my early 30’s where before long I discovered Regency and have loved this period ever since. There’s just something about the thought of the [assumed] elegance of Regency where men went to war using nothing but their brains and brawn, then came back from war either a celebrated hero or shuttered behind closed doors for the atrocity they endured. Debutantes still made their bow to royalty, the idea of riding in a well-sprung carriage or galloping across a fallow field just sets my brain to longing for a time that’s just a little less intrusive than our media frenzy overload of today.

I do read according to my mood now, so a little mystery, a little romance and some modern fiction typically is my mix, but historical or historical related are still my favorites (along with a Scotsman in a kilt!).  What I’m hoping with this little site is to give a ‘what did I think’ blurb on the book, not a book report that will spoil the reading for you. If you want a synopsis, that’s what the back cover is for.

Wishing you happy reading!


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