A Conspiracy In Belgravia, Sherry Thomas

Publish date September 5, 2017
Book $15, Paperback $9.97, e-book 9.99 [Pricing via Amazon]

In book two, A Conspiracy In Belgravia, we find Charlotte, Mrs. Watson, and Inspector Treadles living a normal daily life in their respective fields–which of course is not what Charlotte Homes needs. And as boredom set in, so opens up a can of worms, or in this case mysteries, bafflement, and murder.

I have to say I was looking forward to this installment in the Lady Sherlock Series based on the previous, and first, book. To say this latest installment did not disappoint is an understatement; the more I read, the more I couldn’t put this book down as the web of intrigue underlying in this book is vast. Just when I thought I’d figured a train of thought out, Ms. Thomas throws another red herring into the mix, taxing my poor little brain and forcing into overdrive wanting to figure out what is really going on, which of course made it very difficult to put this book down.

The reader is introduced to Lord Bancroft who wishes to pursue Charlotte with matrimony in mind, Lord Ingram assists behind the scenes with Charlotte’s investigation, and Mrs. Watson becomes more intriguing in her study of Charlotte and her desire to continue to assist Charlotte with her detective cases. There’s even a nice surprise waiting at the end for readers, while at the same time drawing out that edge of desire wanting the next book now. This book is nicely tied up at the end, no a cliff-hanger, just a wanting desire maker to see what the next chapter in Charlotte’s life will be.

For those who did not read the first book and want to just start with this one, is no issue, as it’s great as a stand alone if you for some reason want to skip the first book; in saying this, if you have not read the first book, you may find yourself seeking it out anyway. So while you’re waiting a few short weeks for the publish date, go pick yourself up a copy and see how this all started.


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