Say Yes to the Scot A Highland Wedding Box Set

Publish Date June 20,2017
Price $3.99 e-book only

With this summer’s heat index rising, I was looking for a way to cool off via a mental trip to Scotland. What I got with this compilation of bridal stories was in stead a heatwave of sweet romance.

Typically I forego compilations due to past experience where the author tries to place a 100K word novel in a 50K space, thereby missing the story– what I consider the main reason for picking up a book. Instead I found four authors to whom can write a romance in the allotted space, keeping the story and romance going from start to finish in a cohesive plot.

If you’re looking for new authors and don’t want to invest 300 pages of unknown writing style and story direction, this is a great way to do so. If you just want a little something to get you through the summer while waiting on your favorite author’s book to release, this is also a great resource for not a lot of expense of time or budget.


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