Wanted & Wired by Vivien Jackson

Publish Date April 4, 2017
Pricing – Paperback $7.99, e-book $7.49

First, I must scream CONGRATULATIONS to Vivien Jackson for her first published book! I’ve known Vivien via my local RWA chapter and critique group where, yes I’m thrilled for her and have gushed over her work for apox. 2 yrs. She’s not only a fantastic person, but a fabulous wordsmith. Vivien let me know it’s okay to say her book ‘sucks’ if it does, but I’m letting you know- I’m one to tell it how it is–no holding back; her book does NOT suck.

With this first book, Wanted & Wired, from the series Tether, I can honestly say if it hadn’t been for a bad case of the flu, I would have lost several hours of sleep for wanting to keep turning the page; to see where this journey was to take me. For those wanting to know up front, this book, for me, is Terminator meets Borg in a nut shell.

The reader is first introduced to Mari, a bad-ass, gun-for-hire gal from Texas whose reality bites [big-time]. She’s brash, highly sexual and thinks on her feet when the gauntlet is thrown down. The bad, she’s insecure and it shows up a little more than I would have liked from chapters 7-14 in mental re-hashes, but I also understand this is the time where a reader needs to see those insecurities in order to see Mari to grow emotionally; so she can move on/forward when the time comes.

The hero, Heron, is where the ‘borg’ come in. He’s a post-human who guides Mari through assignments, has her back and more than a few surprises up his tech-sleeve. If you’re looking for a new book-boyfriend and are willing to be open to the idea of someone whose unique- in a OMG fabulous way- like super-geek meets super-hero, Heron’s your man. Each time a scene came up with Heron ‘taking on the world’ to protect Mari I swear my mental synapses and heart beats skipped. I wasn’t even 11% into the book and I literally wrote “I want to know more about him; I want to keep turning the page to know more.” I think you will too.

Wanted & Wired sub-characters are just this side of fuzzy like a blanket- you just want to surround yourself with a crew like this one; Chloe, a light-emitting, non-human species that doesn’t have rights; Kellen, a not so good nature Cowboy with a heart of gold; The Queen, to which I’m not giving this one away and neither is Ms. Jackson as I would assume more information will be coming about her in one of the other two books. Let’s just say *spoilers* are there for a reason. The bad guys so far are indifferent fathers, old boyfriends and the general godfatheresque thugs who want to take you out.

Ms. Jackson’s writing is a dream. A hypnotizing, time-stealing art which kidnaps your imagination, holds it hostage and you don’t even realize it or care as pleasure neurons are being fed something unique that you want to gorge on.

Pre-orders are available and something I would recommend as the Tether series may need to be renamed to something like Magnetic Pull of Mind Gravity once you’ve read it.


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