It Happened in Scotland, Patience Griffin

Pub Date 03 Jan 2017
Price $7.99

Ahhh, this series is my own little vacation to a land I love, even if the land in this series is a fictional Scottish fishing village where the men are braw, kilt-wearing, and have full respect for women.

In this latest book, the reader finds the heroine, Rachel, in a [sort of] love triangle; dealing with the the loss of her husband while attempting to reunite with his townsfolk, old feelings stir for another she met once upon a time. Brodie, the hero, has his own emotional ghosts to deal with and according to the townsfolk–okay Deydie, he’s not fairing well at this task. Meanwhile, a thief may be roaming this secluded town as things start to disappear while matters of the heart are being found.

While the story is enjoyable and a quick read, I found one character a bit too annoying, Rachel’s five year old child. Maybe it’s me, but I’ve never known a five year old to be ‘that’ wise beyond her age; ‘that’ understanding about new men in her mom’s life, ‘that’ happy-go-lucky all the time. I personally felt this character could have used a little more depth of character American five year old’s typically exhibit, which may have made the story a bit more livelier between the H/H. You’ll have to judge for yourself though as this is an overall pleasant next episode for the Kilts and Quilts Novel and a wonderful journey back to Gandiegow. If you’re wanting Christmas to continue a little bit longer, you’ll love It Happened in Scotland as it takes place during the holiday season, making this one more present for you!  Happy reading.


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