Death Comes To The Fair, Catherine Lloyd

Pub Date 29 Nov 2016
Hardcover $19.99, E-book $11.99

As the forth book in the series, Death Comes To The Fair brings the reader to the next step in the journey of Miss Harrington and Sir Major Kurland. For those of you who have not read this delightful series, the journey started as Miss Harrington, the rector’s daughter, aiding Major Kurland in his recovery from a serious war injury, thus their roles expanding in degrees leading to proposal of marriage, where Death Comes To The Fair brings us current.

Something I applaud in Ms. Llyod’s series is the passage of time. A reader doesn’t jump from unknown time to unknown time; each book takes up where the last left off [within reason].The smooth transition is easy for the reader as well as [I assume] easy for the writer without having to re-hash what’s happened if their had been any longer expanses of time. Should a reader wish to read one book vs. the whole series, which would be a shame, they can do so as Ms. Lloyd has crafted each book to stand alone.

Now, this being said, time to fess up what I think of this latest book- I’m still in ‘like’ with the series, but for some reason this one falls a little flat somewhere in character’s relationship. Book 4 begins with our character’s readying for their wedding, which is interrupted by -gasp- a murder which places a slight hold on their impending wedding. Where I feel the relationship falls flat is Major Kurland’s flirting and amour toward Miss Harrington falls by the wayside compared to prior books. Yes, I know this isn’t a romance, but there’s been that swoon worthy charm of Major Kurland since book two and I expected it to continue, especially since the word ‘bed’ is mentioned quite frequently in this book. Then there is Miss Harrington’s misgivings about the marriage and her freedom to contend with. I would have thought by now that stubborn streak of hers would have abated since her dreams of having her own home and family are being realized.

Okay, enough of the relationship rant. As for the actual murder mystery, it was well done Ms. Lloyd! You’ve led me a merry chase through hill and dale and made sure this time not to have the killer figured out by chapter 5. The story and sleuthing was enjoyable and had me thinking and guessing almost to the end. For those who are not mystery buffs, you’ll be taken to the very end of the book waiting for the murder’s reveal as well as the HEA for the pair. As with any murder mystery, there are thrills, chills and even life threatening events. I was thinking this would have made a great release for Halloween, but alas the holiday season it is for readers.

Overall, I give this a thumb’s up for enjoyment and escapism for the average reader as once again, this is not a hard core mystery but one that is meant for enjoyment.


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