Some Like It Scottish: A Kilts and Quilts Novel, by Patience Griffin

Publish Date July 7, 2015
Mass-Market Paperback $7.99, e-book $7.99

I fell in love with this series last year at the Buns n Roses event which Richardson Adult Literacy Center puts on as a fund raiser. Although I haven’t met Patience, I absolutely love A Kilts and Quilts Novel series! I’m not one to resist temptation when there’s a hot Scot in a kilt in his native Scotland.

At the time, Meet Me In Scotland, was being featured, it had a [for me] very enticing cover the which called out to me. I’m so glad it did as book was funny, realistic, and met my need for a touch of Scotland.

Next, I read Griffin’s first book in the series, To Scotland With Love, which I found witty, charming, hot, sexy on the up side and had me reaching for a Kleenex on the down side. From this point on I was hooked. If you like the Scottish culture [as in people and country], you’ll be hooked too, as Griffin takes you to her fictional fishing village of Gandiegow located in the Highlands near the North Sea. Personally, I’m ready to pack my bag and leave now, but since it’s a fictional village, her series will have to suffice. Drat!

Which brings me back to Meet Me in Scotland. In this edition Kit Woodhouse is a matchmaker, something all males, and especially Scottish males, dislike. Ramsey Armstrong, our smart and sexy fisherman is in that boat with the other lads who are also single. Griffin crates two very likable and believable characters, weaving an addicting story of success, failure, unexpected curve-balls and Scottish devilry. I found myself chuckling, swooning and wanting to smack Ramsey upside the head for his underhandedness–thankfully, he turned out to be an okay guy. Kit is the everyday girl-next-door, someone whose life was turned upside down at a young age and goes all out for her family who consists of mom and two younger sisters. Some authors write the heroine too butch, others too wimpy, but Griffin wrote this one just right. I found myself sympathizing and empathizing and even a bit jealous of Kit’s relationship with her sisters–“sleep, rest, talk, or play.”; Then dreaming of finding such a someone like Ramsey, who started out smexy but irritating, turned and reverted in to one great guy.

The one thing this book had, which I felt the other books I’ve read in this series didn’t, was an over the top Happily Ever After. What I mean by this is, like every Hollywood story, all works out for our characters in the last five minutes-perfectly. In the prior books I’ve read in this series, sure there’s the HEA of the characters, but without giving away the ending or the story, this ending was a little to Hollywood and not enough Scottish which in a way was a let down from the prior books. I still recommend reading this book, or the entire series, as it’s money well spent.


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