The Secret Language of Stones by M.J. Rose

Publish date July 19, 2016
Price: $25.00 Hardcover, $12.00 e-book

The first thing that intrigued me about this novel was the cover. Constellations mixed with shadows and ghostly imagery; the color, contrasts and layout design spoke to me that this book was something mystical (which had nothing to do with the title.)  Like the last book I read by Rose, Seduction, The Secret Language of Stones is a cross between a history lesson and time travel which I found very interesting to read and so the expectation was set.

This new novel takes place in Paris, when the Germans are invading and the underground resistance were literally underground in the myriad of tunnels under the city of Paris. Another set of groups was also in the tunnels, the Romanov supporters and the revolutionary Bolsheviks who opposed the monarchy. History buffs will most likely poo-poo all this, but in reality, but I found the tidbits of incorporated history fascinating and drives the story forward.

As for the main character, her special ability of lithomancy, working with energy trapped in stones to read or divine meaning in a supernatural way, in this case,  to speak with human spirits. Rose creates tension and apprehension should the main character, Opaline, be found out; this was a time when charlatans would take advantage of those grieving their loved ones and if found, incarcerated. The reader, if immersed in the text like I was, may find themselves emotionally drained from the diversity of emotions and intrigue which play across the pages.

The 320 pages of The Secret Language of Stones will fly by, but I feel readers will see the value in this book of a personal and mystic journey in war time- not to mention historic Paris!


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