Paper and Fire, By Rachel Caine

Publish Date July 5, 2016
Hardcover Retail $17.99, e-book $10.99

As a total library, bookstore and almost anything related to the written word lover- I LOVE THIS SERIES, The Great Library! The first book, Ink and Bonesets up the detail of the world in which the reader is immersed in, where as Paper and Fire ups the ante.

The Library team members have graduated and are now in their designated positions within The Great Library system. Caine starts out with our main character, Jess, giving the background for those who have not read Ink and Bone (which I highly recommend) and reminiscing over the things books lovers delight in every day- “[Jess] grown so addicted to the feel of those books- the individual differences in the bindings, the leather or fabric covers, the weight of the paper, the smell.” Yes, I’m one of ‘those people’, which is why this series resonates with me. Caine brings the debate of paper vs. electronic books, intellectual freedom vs. universal freedom and the age old saying ‘knowledge is power’ to a new level. Forget about the world as we know it. Caine creates a world where one empire holds the power for the world.

If you’ll notice on the cover it states ‘Let The World Burn’. Paper and Fire uses this as a double entendre throughout the book with libraries typically being a refuge for people seeking free knowledge, a place to use a computer, take a class to learn something new or a town meeting hall, and makes The Great Library a place of dominance, power struggle and yes, a dictatorship over all the people of the world using intimidation and execution.

Readers will be taken through highs and lows of humanity. Making enemies of friends and comrades of foes. Think of this book as Harry Potter meets Mission Impossible- you will not be disappointed. There’s even one portion of the novel which is so well written I almost teared up with the emotional roller coaster of a new character. Paper and Fire is a movie for the mind. Parents and children of a certain age will delight in this series and with a little luck, take the world by storm. You can pre-order your copy now and be surprised when  you get the email your book is available, but be warned- you may want to read this when you don’t have to get up the next day as this is VERY hard to put down.


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