The Great Library, Rachel Caine

Publish date July 7, 2015
Paperback $9.99, e-book 7.99

For a book geek like me to see a series called The Great Library , just imagine moth to flame when it comes to keeping away.  Therefore, I HAD to read this book and so glad I did. Rachel Caine took something as simple as the age old saying “Knowledge Is Power” and created a fascinating world of what it would be like if the Great Library of Alexandria had not been destroyed.

What would the world governments look like if Librarians ruled the world; held military control over Earth; withheld all knowledge which could potentially destroy the fragile balance of power over the whole human race? Intrigued yet?

Ink and Bone is the first installment of the series (which I hope will be more than three books- hint, hint) introducing readers to an intricate world where only the best and brightest are integrated in to The Great Library (TGL) system- for a substantial fee. Earth is foremost ruled by TGL, then each country (England, France, Italy, etc.) follows under the edict of Library rules. The most valuable black market items are paper books as the population have ‘Blanks’ (a tablet or e-reader type machine) for reading and to journal as any form of ‘book’ is contraband.

TGL takes place in Great Britain and Alexandria, Egypt ‘present day’. Readers are submerged in to a world with no electric lights, radio or tv or anything dealing with everyday electronics. Locomotion is powered by steam and no air conditioning to cool you down. Luckily, Cain left central plumbing or the planet would really be in the dark ages. Fortunately, Cain’s world is so fascinating I think YA readers won’t worry about hardships and may start using the internet to look up the historical facts and information scattered throughout the book to find the differences between Cain’s world and ours.

TGL starts out with a frantic action sequence which sets the tone for the remainder of the book- fast and furious. Packed with action, TGL reads like an action movie with plenty of twists and turns in plot and character structures. If you’re looking for a book to relax, forget about this one as your blood will be pumping well in to the wee hours of dawn as it’s hard to put this book down. Luckily, the next installment, Paper and Fire ‘Let The World Burn’ is due out July 5, 2016.


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