The Skelton Garden, Marty Wingate

Publish Date March 15, 2016
E-Book price $2.99

First, I apologize this is late getting out. Sometimes, life just takes a detour and throws you off the driven path- which can be good or bad. In my case, for the most part it was a good journey.

Like a child at Christmas with all those unopened gifts waiting to be ripped open, I felt the spark of tingles upon seeing this new title and beautiful cover. I had assumed Between A Rock and A Hard Place, book 3,was the end of the line for Pru and Christopher’s story. The Skeleton Garden continues this lite mystery series and takes us back to a time when England  was in the midst of WWII, making a lovely link for history lovers as well as those wanting a few entertaining hours of reading.

I’m a lover of history and Marty Wingate is great at making the past come to life by entwining and expanding upon interesting factoids of England’s history, so if you can’t go to England to see and touch the treasures of the past, Wingate brings it to life for you on the page, engaging your senses and emotions.

The Skeleton Garden enmeshes the reader with what it may have been like to live in a small village during the height of WWII, when men went off to war and women remain behind learning new skills to take over when the men left. What it must have been like during air raids, bombs dropping and exploding, and what it might have been like when the women had to raise families on their own–so different from the culture of pre-WWII when men were the wage earners, heads of household and those who protected their families. WWI saw the dawning of women’s freedoms and the fall of the Aristocracy. WWII began drawing the line from single income households to dual earning couples.

Installment #4, The Skeleton Garden, revolves around the organic growth of life with family and friends. While the past 3 novels in A Potting Shed Mystery focused on the building of relationships of new friends in Pru’s life since leaving her home of Texas to seek out her mother’s family and past in England, this issue finds Pru and Christopher are on their ‘honeymoon’ at Greekoak for a year while Greenoak’s owners are out of country. Pru is helping tend the garden with her brother the lead gardener, Simon, while Christopher has left the London police dept. for a more leisurely life of a country ‘Special Constable’.

For those who haven’t read this series yet, Pru is a historical gardener, bringing the parks, gardens and lawns back to life as it would have been in the property’s historical hay-day.  As in past novels, it’s not too difficult to figure out who the deceased and murderer are from the Prologue, which is why the goal, motivation and conflicts of the characters is so important in a mystery such as this and Wingate brings a story to life. I believe readers will find this an entertaining book and well worth the small price of $2.99 for hours of reading [and learning] enjoyment.


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