Some Like It Scot by Suzanne Enoch

  • Publication Date: October 6, 2015
  • Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1250041635
  • Kindle or Paperback $7.99

If you’ve not read the Scandalous Highlanders series, you may want to start. While looking for a historical Scottish novel I ran across this series; reading the series out-of-order which ended up well for me as each book (The Devil Wears Kilts #1, Rogue With A Brogue #2, Mad, Bad and Dangerous In Plaid #3) can be read as a stand alone. I read book #3, then book #1, then #2. For me this worked out well as book #3 is an extension of book #1.

I’ll tell you why I’m engrossed in this series– it’s a Highland’s book. Meaning, we begin in the Highlands of Scotland where the family is still a Clan; the wonderful written brogue captivated me as I read; the culture of the Clans of Scotland are separate entities with alliances and warring factions; family is first- no one within or outside of the Clan is allowed an insult without reprisal (an eye for an eye); Clan MacLawry (in this case 4 persons) is a force within themselves squabbling, bickering, pranks, but when a threat is made, they become one solid source for others to fear. Ms. Enoch captures the spirit of what I consider the heart and soul of Scotland.

In this fourth, and last, book, Some Like It Scot, is the youngest brother’s story of finding love. Munro, a.k.a. Bear, is considered the brawn (or enforcer) of the Clan; he’s a rogue that all the village women love, a playboy who isn’t concerned with responsibilities and is the most ‘uncivilized’ of the family. Of the four books, at first I thought the best book was The Devil Wears Kilts as Laird Glengask of the Clan MacLawry is brash in words and deed, confrontational and very protective of his family. But, then came Some Like It Scot  and I think Bear’s story beats them all. He is the most misunderstood member of the family, a great strategist and is 100% Scottish Highlander! Enoch sets up Bear’s character right from the start: “Of course he might’ve worn trousers and had something covering his knees, but he wasn’t a damned Englishman.”

Readers who want a more authentic experience, rather than an Anglicized, watered down Scottish novel, will love this book. As Bear is an outdoors kinda guy, you the reader, will spend most of your time traversing the MacLawry land of wide open spaces, brooks, streams and heavy forests will be your settings, riding horseback and making the kill for your dinner. You’ll find him witty, charming in an non-traditional sort of way and someone who is very ‘street’ smart. I don’t know about you, but I sure would love to be the heroine Catonia.

Catonia is a Highland lass whose a perfect match for Bear. Raised by her father to be the best son a man ever had, Catonia is awkward as a girl. Shy in the feminine ways, yet her petite frame can stand toe to toe in a fight with her 6’6″ Bear. She’s not one someone should dismiss or overlook, as when you’re least expecting it you could find yourself in fear for your life.

These two misunderstood lovebirds will change with the turn of each page; a reader may expect a roller coaster of emotions. A warning label should be placed on the cover “Caution: This book could cause spontaneous smiles and laughter and possibly watery eyes without warning.”

Ms. Enoch winds down this fabulous series by starting where she began, at Glengask with the family gathered around the table being family. You won’t wonder “what happened after…” as all the typical loose ends and imaginings are all nicely tied up and you KNOW they lived happily ever after.


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