The Rogue You Know (Book 2 Covent Garden Cubs), Shana Galen

Pub Date: Sep 1 2015

The Rogue You Know is the second book in the Covent Garden Cubs series. The story picks up just after the first book, Earls Just Want to Have Fun, with a few of our favorite characters making an appearance. The hero and heroine are none other than Gideon and Lady Susanna. Yes, I know, who would have thought the Earl’s sister and a ‘Cub’ would become the next couple, but remember, each H/H in this series will most likely be made up from the upper class and the very lower class.

What I found enjoyable in this second book was the same perseverance readers found in Gideon’s personality in EJWTHF to assist his former den mate Marlowe to get back what she lost (her family), work with Bow Street Runners, and in the thick of it all, allow his love for Marlowe to overcome his desire for her and see her happy even though she’s with another; Ms. Galen continues his tenacity to overcome physical and emotional obstacles regarding Lady Susanna’s shenanigans. I found Gideon’s patience for a naive, sheltered young ton lady to be on pace with the first book.

I liked Lady Susanna in EJWTHV, but found her character tedious and taxing in this installment, not only for Gideon’s character, but to my brain too. Typically, I find Ms. Galen’s characters have a likability factor from the start. Many people will LOVE Lady Susanna in this book. I just didn’t. Little things about her personality kept annoying me. One such item was the “How, and why, was this young woman able to keep track of a glim-stick throughout her adventure?” I couldn’t seem to find an area in this story for me to become emotionally invested with her.

I had hoped this book would be reminiscent of the previous book where I found the characters personalities and interactions, the story itself, and the action scenes Ms. Galen is known for would shine through. Overall, The Rouge You Know is fun, fast paced and filled with lots of twists and turns readers love and expect from Ms. Galen’s work.  This book is available for pre-order in paperback and e-reader formats.


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