I Loved A Rogue, Katharine Ashe

  • ISBN-13: 9780062229854
  • Publication date: 2/24/2015
  • Price: $7.99 paper, $6.99 e-book

I Loved A Rogue is 3rd and final book in the series “The Prince Catchers”. Now you may wonder why someone who’se trying to catch a prince would love a rogue, as many of us think a rogue is a scoundrel and ‘user’ of women. But, according to Merriam-Webster, there are several meanings to this term and I believe Ms. Ashe uses the one most not thought of: “used to describe something or someone that is different from others in usually a dangerous or harmful way.” And different this third installment is in a wonderful way!

Have any of you ever heard the song “Morning Side Of The Mountain”? Well, if you have, this book is about that song for me.  If you haven’t here’s the blurb: “There was a girl, there was a boy. If they had met they might have found a world of joy. But he live on the morning side of the mountain and she lived on the twilight side of the hill.” Get it?

We have our heroine, Eleanor Caulfield, the eldest of three sisters, raised to be gentile ladies by a loving vicar who is known as “Papa”. She’s headstrong, somewhat outspoken, naive and of course, beautiful inside and out. She’s also heartbroken. Now, what’s a heartbroken Miss to do but to take one adventure before becoming the “maidenly aunt” to her nieces and nephews.

Our hero, Taliesin Wolfe, the gypsy boy who came and went out of Eleanor’s youth. Of course, now he’s a man, but wonderfully, Ms. Ashe gives us the background on these two– and what a emotional, heartbreaking story it is. Just when you think you have the full details, BAM, more comes out and back on the roller coaster of emotions you go… chugging up the hill of their past, then speeding out of control into an abyss that is their present, where if you’re not careful, could rip you in two. Chapter 23 was the kind of chapter I can equate with those ‘coasters’ that move you forward and then sling you backward without warning and lack of control. With that little shocker, I’d have to say this was my favorite chapter as so much goes on so quickly that I was swept away by Ms. Ashe’s ingenious and intricately woven wordsmith skills. My heart broke.

I Loved A Rogue is a book that you may need to read twice as you’ll become so lost in it you may loose some of the details along the way, which would be a shame. I humbly tell you: find a space of time without interruption, turn off the phone, grab the tissues, a bottle of wine, and maybe your favorite snack, and get lost in the joy you’ll find reading this book.


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