Death Comes to London, Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes To The Village    

Death Comes To The Village- publish November 2013

Death Comes To London- publish November 25, 2014

While looking for something Regency to read, but not necessarily a romance, I ran across this series A Kurland St. Mary Mystery. To start my journey on this voyage I found the first book, Death Comes To The Village, which was published Nov. 2013. I was pleasantly surprised that this was not yet another “quirky” mystery, yet not such an in-depth mystery that I had to spend weeks trying to put everything together. For Regency romance enthusiasts, you’ll love that this reads like a vintage romance- think Pride and Prejudice.

Our main characters are Major Robert Kurland (think Mr. Darcy), a landowner and career military man who was wounded at Waterloo and uses his acerbic attitude to distance himself from the general population while professing himself a confirmed bachelor. Miss Lucy Harrington (think Miss E. Bennet), the Village Rector’s eldest daughter of six who has a mind of her own, loves the freedom of movement she is afforded in Kurland St. Mary but has an outspoken personality for female of this time.

In the first book, Lucy aids Major Kurland’s recovery by “bullying and cajoling” while they solve a mystery of a missing servant and a mysterious shadow. In the newest book, Death Comes To London, Lucy is trailing the Marriage Mart with her beautiful sister Anna and her best friend, widower Mrs. Sophia Giffin. While the wonderfully written bickering between Major Kurland and Lucy continues, yet another murder has taken center stage for these two Regency sleuths and force them into an unwitting partnership where others see courtship.

This series is filled with the delightful happenings of everyday life of the middle-class. Ms. Lloyd uses eloquent language, thoughtful details in scenes and moves the story along in a moderate pace that readers will enjoy. Of the main and reoccurring cast you’ll find yourself drawn in and wishing there was no way out. Like Darcy and Elizabeth, you’ll be enchanted with Robert and Lucy’s non-courtship, but as time moves on, time will tell if there is romantic hope–and I can’t wait!


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