Earls Just Want To Have Fun, Shana Galen

  • Publish Date Feb 3, 2015
  • ISBN 9781402298714
  • Price 7.99

Have you ever wished for your life’s circumstances to change? Or maybe thought you’re meant  for something more? What would it take for a change to occur? Money? A change of lifestyle? Or maybe one chance encounter with another person? If said change did occur- and it turned out to be challenging- maybe physically, maybe mentally, would you be able to overcome the obstacles put in your way and thrive or would you go back to the life you were currently comfortable with, but not quite happy with?

Shana Galen brings up these questions in her upcoming book from the series The Covent Garden Cubs. The first book, Earls Just Want To Have Fun, asks these questions of her leading characters and some of the supporting characters (which I’m assuming some will be featured in others books in the series). Our heroine, Marlowe, is reminiscent of Ruby from Jewels of the Ton Series-book 2. While Ruby’s background is from the street she’s introduced to readers as a jeweled courtesan who walks among the Ton while Marlowe is a gang member from the start. I felt Marlowe’s character is more developed. She’s rough around the edges, fierce and always thinking on her feet.

The hero, Dane, being an Earl, lives a hum drum life wrapped up in the myth that ‘one can do better if one tried’. His life is so mundane he allows his younger brother to involve him in a kidnapping! Dane sought a night of adventure. He ended up with more than he bargained for.

The same fast-pace movement of story Ms.Galen is known for is intertwined with impromptu, realistic actions by the leading characters, thereby the reader develops a bond with the main characters. While Lord and Lady Spy is on my list of favorite books, and I’ve read it more than once, the characters of EJWTHF have the same realistic dialogue, fluid chemistry between characters and an organic thought process throughout the story. There are some moments in EJWTHF where Marlowe’s eye rolling got to be monotonous, but I suppose annoying habits generally are and can be overlooked by her other traits which are well balanced; while Dane’s character leans toward the bored Earl whose dictates are not used to being ignored, finds adventure but with hints of grumbling, generally about having to ‘ruff it’, but like any good hero, he doesn’t think twice about protecting our heroine.

Readers will enjoy this book and might want to re-read it to pick up some of the little nuances you might miss the first time due to its fast pace. The book is available for pre-order via most websites and I encourage you to put this on your list, especially as it’s publish date is right around Valentine’s Day!


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