Tall, Dark And Royal by Vanessa Kelly

  • Publish Date Nov 25, 2014
  • E-book- Novella
  • ISBN 9781420131314
  • Price $2.99; Kindle pre-order $2.51

Okay, when I saw this cover I had to know what it was about. When I read the description and saw the names “Chloe” and “Dominic” I knew exactly who this was about! I HAD TO READ IT. And boy, was I glad I did! (Thanks Kensington Books.)

For those of you who don’t know who Chloe and Dominic are, I suggest you read the book, Lost in a Royal Kiss (currently $1.99 for Kindle) as you’ll love this book too. If you don’t have time to read the book- without spoiling the story- let’s say two young persons who are in their tweens, and are not royalty nor upper class, weave a story within a story that makes this pair so memorable with their friendship for each other that just their names alone create a spark of excitement within you; thus my excitement over this novella.

Now, this story takes place some years later when both are older. Dominic has built a well respected career and Chloe is the caretaker of a group of young females who share the same type of background story she had. Once again, I’m not giving away the story- read the Renegade Royal Series. As it turns out each thought the other stopped caring for each other due to a cruel relative. Now that they’re together again… well we all know just about every hero gets his heroine.

What I’ve typically found in novellas is an author who is used to writing full length novels has a hard time creating a solid piece of work in a third of the space, thereby ending up with a “choppy” story that makes you wonder why you took the time to read the work when you could be reading something that emotionally invests you to characters you will eventually love.  What’s wonderful about Vanessa Kelly is she has the ability to create a detailed, well written story that brings back the emotional investment you had from the previous book where you first met these characters in less than 100 pages.  This could have easily been made into a full length book (which I wish it had). This novella houses a sneak peek of her next book How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy due out January 2015.


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