The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding, Victoria Alexander

  • Publish Date Nov 4
  • ISBN 9781420132267
  • Price $7.99 paperback, $5.84 Kindle, $6.99 Nook

Yes, you’re invited to a wedding! You’re also invited to the events that lead up to the great event…which include a stubborn female, meddling mama’s, an unknown heir and a very close knit family which will delight you and keep you entertained throughout this story.

Once again, Ms. Alexander has outdone herself by creating not only ‘real’ characters with real problems, secrets and misgivings, but forges through every chapter, moving at a good pace while emotionally engaging the reader, starting with our hero, Jackson Quincy Graham Channing, whose whole existence has led up to a very specific outcome–or so he thought.  Next, allow me to introduce the rest of our guests: meddling mama #1, Mrs. Elizabeth Channing, who reminds me of one of Betty Davis’ characters; meddling mama #2 Lady Sallwick, a good-natured mother who just wants her aging daughter married, the not so deceased father, Colonel Basil Channing, who springs new surprises on people like a magician produces a ‘hidden’ coin and lastly, our heroine, Lady Theodosia “Teddy” Winslow who, to me, resembles Maureen O’Hara in looks and character. So many classic hollywood characters hidden amoungst this Regency novel–who knew, but I love it!

Jackson is my George Baily- the boy who dreamed of travel and adventure, but in reality was brought to live the life he was born in to–banking. Oh yes, I did say banking, and up to the time Ms. Alexander put fingers to keyboard, Jackson was exactly what you thought. Thankfully, Jackson has a great authoress to change his life–something like a fairy godmother otherwise this man would be stuck, like he’s been for 20 years. With one small string pulled, the carefully laid web of his mother is very quickly undone. I found myself really liking his character which was very realistic: methodical, slowly opens to change, thoughtful in his choices for direction.

Lady “Teddy” Theodsia is the modern woman who, in a way, owns a party planning business with her mother, Lady Sallwick. Luckily, she and her mother are influential, and well liked, in the upper-classes. Lady T. is the stubborn, single minded heroine. For the most part I liked her, but after a while her mantra of being a successful business woman who will never marry gets a bit stale. Although Ms. Alexander does have this character do some hemming and hawing over a critical decision she has her heroine following her head–that’s all I’ll say on this subject as you must read it to understand.

My favorite character in this book is the a sub-character of Mrs. Elizabeth Channing (married to Colonel Channing and mother of Jackson) who comes across as cold and heartless in the beginning and re-appears intermittently just after the half-way mark. She’s my Betty Davis: cool, calculating, spiteful for all the wrong reasons and yet, humbled with a few charming smiles from someone she thought she was immune to. Oh, how I would love a story of these two put into a novella which would need to encompass the beginning and the end as they don’t have much of a middle.

Nov 4th isn’t far away. Place The Shocking Secret of a Guest at the Wedding on your reading list as this story doesn’t disappoint.


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