The Whisky Laird’s Bed by Donna MacMeans

Available: Now

ISBN: 9780698145870

Price: 4.99 (USD) or Kindle $4.27

Donna, Donna, Donna…what is a girl to do when you offer up not only a sexy man in a kilt with a lovely brogue, but also a sense of humor AND patience to get through a mischievous mother, a stubborn leading lady and several exhaustive house guests! I swear I did lack a few hours of sleep with this novel.

Let’s start at the beginning-The Whisky Laird’s Bed has a beautiful cover which highlights not only the hero’s physique, but his pride of his homeland of Scotland and things Scottish such as the marvelous kilt, rich dark colors of his chamber signifying the significance of his position, Gothic stone walls with intricate inlays and the wonderful amber color of a well made whisky!

If these images don’t stir your imagination, Ms. MacMeans will have the bubbles boiling not too far into the book (just the kind of reading I like!). The heroine, Claire Starke, is a passionate, stubborn and kind-hearted, but slightly misguided, young lady and is an active member of the Sober Society and The Rake Patrol! The hero, Cameron Macpherson, Laird of Ravenswood, is a man with demons, sense of duty, courage and thankfully for Claire, a sense of humor.  Two people who are so different, yet the same.

What I really loved about Ms. MacMean’s writing is her way of humanizing her characters with real moments so wonderfully written you either feel like your in the novel interacting with her characters or you’re the fly on the wall watching everything which leads to the culmination of what is a funny, touching and somewhat heartbreaking story. What I mean by heartbreaking is the trials and tribulations the townspeople, the Laird, Ms. Starke and a few other characters must go through–just like we readers, we have our ups and our downs; depending on how we handle the situation is how life moves us from one moment to the next.

As I don’t like to give away the story and ruin it for you, I’ll just say, make sure you have time to spend to embrace this book as there is a lot going on; time will fly by and the pages will turn swiftly. Upon the last page, you may find yourself wondering if you’ve missed some of the best moments life has to offer. If you have, it’s time to start living, as life begins at the point in which you are most uncomfortable.


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