One Bite Per Night by Brooklyn Ann

  • ISBN 9781492604914
  • Price 6.99
  • Publish Date August 5 2014

Excited to see the next book in Brooklyn Ann’s vampire series, I quickly requested this book. Ann’s previous book Bite Me Your Grace (review was so well done I had to read One Bite Per Night. The cover is well conceived with the brightness of the characters combined with dark, stormy backdrop and a distant foreboding mansion/castle which eludes to the story line of the living and the un-dead characters .

Ann literally starts her story with a bang! Or maybe I should say a bitch– a totally hateful, upper-class snob who threatens to dispose of her own granddaughter, Lydia Price.  I literally could feel myself getting angry and thinking of what harm could befall this old bitty; luckily Ann found a great solution for me- a handsome vampire, reminiscent of the Vampire Lusac, whom carries a lot of clout- the Earl of Deveril, Lord Vampire of  Cornwall.

Unlike so many social vampires of varying other series, Ann’s vampires take heed not to mix into the mortal world too much. They distance themselves by elusiveness, reclusiveness and yes, mysteriousness. Which in turn makes the Ton all the more curious which is what happened in One Bite Per Night. Lord Deveril’s character is basically a recluse until a debt is be paid on a promise made between families, thereby throwing a sheltered and imaginative younger woman into his life.

Lydia, an woman who lives in her paintings and imagination, is a bit melodramatic compared to Ann’s prior heroine from her previous book. After a while I found Lydia to be annoying due she comes across as mentally adolescent in many ways rather than her stated age of  ‘somewhere around 20’. Lydia’s character is reminiscent of Jane Austin’s Northanger Abbey character, Catherine Moreland, who like Lydia, loves the Gothic novel and lives a life of fruitless imagination.  Ann does weave Lydia’s Gothic imaginings into a fruitful endeavor by the end of the book which I suppose the end justifies the means.

Ann does a superb job of enjoining her prior book by bringing back prior characters the Duke and Duchess of Burnrath and Don Villar, aka The Spaniard, enriching Deveril’s and Lydia’s characters and progressing the book to it’s conclusion and, what I suspect, is the next book in the series.



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