My Lady, My Lord by Katharine Ashe

My Lady, My Lord

  • Publication date: 3/11/2014
  • e-book format $2.99 until 3/31/14 then price increase $3.99

Destiny is funny thing. It’s a driving force that sweeps upon you when you’re not looking, or not expecting it, and takes over, be it good or bad. Some say they can create their own destiny by working hard and focusing on what they want or desire. Is destiny that simple? Or is our destiny predetermined to find us, no matter how far or fast we run in another direction?

My Lady, My Lord is about destiny. Wanted and unwanted. Ian Chance wants his birthright destiny, to be and succeed as the Seventh Earl of Chance. What he doesn’t want is his childhood nemesis ruining his life. Corinna Mowbray wants her freedom from the servitude of becoming someone’s wife; running intellectual salons with persons who are a wealth of talent and knowledge is her destiny.  What Ian and Corinna do not know is that destiny has been chasing them since they were toddlers and has now caught up with them…and we all know you can’t outrun Destiny.

Katharine Ashe has found a unique and interesting way to combine a few of her favorite stories into Regency romance while staying true to her craft. Katharine’s a brilliant storyteller and it shows with the effortless flow between the two characters. My favorite chapter of My Lady, My Lord is Chapter 3.  In this one chapter a reader can see the characters past, present and future. You’ll laugh, cheer and become enthralled with quick, witty banter which smolders of that which is yet to come– two people who have to walk a mile (in this case a fortnight) in each other’s shoes.

The characters weave in and out of each others’ everyday life, taking on responsibilities they never dreamed, honing skills that lay dormant and learning that outward appearances are just a facade. My Lady, My Lord will take you on a unique journey that may have you think about your own relationships with others in a fun, thoughtful and romantic way.  Take advantage of special pricing on this book through the end of March and enjoy Katharine’s special treat to you. Happy reading!


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