Sapphires Are an Earl’s Best Friend by Shanna Galen

  • Publication Date March 4, 2014
  • ISBN 9781402269790
  • Price 7.99

The third, and sadly yes, last book in the Jewels of the Ton series is coming– and you won’t be let down by the last Countess.  The elegance of the outside cover is just an embellishment to the hidden beauty you’ll find inside.

Lily, the Countess of Charm, has been hidden in the background (until the final chapter of If You Give a Rake a Ruby) of the other two stunning gems and has found her sparkle at last! In my opinion, she is the most valuable gem of the three; made of harder stuff than her Diamond friend Juilette, richer in character than her Ruby friend Fallon and definitely in line with Galen’s first Lady Spy, Sophia (these two could become fast friends if Shanna would cross match her books.)

While taking the plunge into Lily’s life, the word Chivalry kept coming to mind– the definition proclaimed by Wikipedia is “an aristocratic warrior code….which was a moral system to protect others who can not protect themselves…”  I would have not thought of it, but our two leading characters embody this meaning and at times even fight over it! How many instances does it take before one character learns the other can take care of themselves? Well, not in this books lifetime.  You will have hours of reading enjoyment as this forgotten gem and the love-struck aristocrat find their way into each others lives and hearts.

I will say, there were times I just wanted to strangle our hero as he seems never to learn that the Lady has skills.  Then again, turn around is fair play with a head-strong hero.  There are twists and turns to keep you up later than you wished to due to the dreaded thought of “just one more chapter”– yes, I fell prey to this.  Without saying too much that will give away all those juicy bits, I want to say I hope our hero’s sister will make fast friends with Lily and have her own book–I like her, and yes there is the dreaded-hateful man who you want to dislike but the dratted man shows redeeming qualities and so I hope he falls victim to Galen’s pen too.

Like all of Galen’s books, the Countess of Charm is not one to be toyed with, put asunder or made to feel the repressed fool. Courage, honor and strength are the qualities which will continue to bring you back to Galen’s series and keep you in anticipation of what’s next. Order early and happy reading!


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