The Chocolate Touch

  • Publish Date July 30, 2013
  • ISBN 9780758286321
  • Price $14.00

In Laura Florand’s newest installment in the Chocolate Series, The Chocolate Touch, revolves around another chocolatier, Dominique Richard, The Meilleur Ouvrier de France, no less! Which got me thinking. If I could choose my ‘perfect’ man how I choose a piece of chocolate what would he be like? What flavors? What essences, nuances and textures would I choose for this one special piece of man chocolate? Would he be like a silky piece of milk chocolate that starts melting the minute it hits your tongue leaving traces of vanilla or caramel? Would he be a darker mix, like a 60%, which is a little more solid, mixed with cherry or citrus or even java? Or 90%, heavy with texture and tastes of slightly sweet, yet bitter chocolate mixed with sea salt or chili pepper or even a hint of smokiness?  What I can tell you is that Richard is all of those men rolled into one fine, tempting piece of chocolate. Ladies, you will fall for this man quicker than you can open the wrapper on a bon-bon.

As for the heroine, Richard’s ‘l’inconnue’, Jamie, who is like untempered chocolate who adds a slight mysterious element– like the flavor you can’t quite figure out. Florand slowly unfolds the heroine, giving just a hint in each chapter of who she is, and like a great chocolate with many textures and flavors, you must wait for all to be revealed.

For those who have not read The Chocolate Thief, The Chocolate Kiss, The Chocolate Rose not to worry, you do not have to read these books in order to enjoy them!


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