The Marquess Who Loved Me

  • Publish Date Feb 13, 2013
  • ISBN 9781938312069
  • Price 3.99

How many times over the years have you thought about “the one” who got away? The one you let go? Or even the one who left? Do those memories still burn bright or are they like a faded memory of times past? Wishing upon stars won’t bring those great times back, but- if that man found his way back to you now, would you take him back?

In a love story to rival War of the Roses (the film, not the actual war) these questions are foremost in our couple’s mind. The Marquess of Folkestone and his lost love–the Marchioness of Folkestone (yes, this may remind you a little of reading a Jane Austin novel with the M./M./Folkestone’s running around) each at each others irritation from what they both didn’t do so many years ago. Two, now matured, people wanting to hang on to their pride, yet somehow, unable to keep animosity and magnetism at bay will keep a reader chuckling, loathing and ultimately loving our couple.

If you’re looking for that new to you author, give Sarah Ramsey a go…and at $3.99 it should be impossible to say no!!


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