True Spies, Book 2 of Lord and Lady Spy Series

  • ISBN 9781402276026
  • Price 7.99
  • Release Date Sept. 30.2013

Growing up the only ‘spy’ I knew of was James Bond. Never was there a man who was suave, self-assured, mysterious and yes, cocky; to be a world renown target with a price on his head and a licence to kill I suppose you’d have to be all that and more.  Bond doesn’t show much remorse for others, unless there’s a female in direct line of sight, and I supposed that’s the way it must be in the spy world.

Shana Galen’s first book in the Lord and Lady Spy series, named the same, was what got me hooked on this wonderful author. Her use of verbal imagery is cinematic, action scenes well thought out and Galen’s ability to build character and relationship while moving the story along at a quick pace is what keeps me captivated and anticipating her books.

True Spies starts out with a quick set up of characters, not unlike the movie “True Lies”, which you will note a few similarities to throughout the book, but what makes this an original is Galen’s talent for writing relational dilemmas with characters who can think quick on their feet.  “Baron”, a Regency 007, and his wife are the stereo-typical 1950’s family living in 1815. He goes to work and she stays home.  He gets lost in his work and expects a loving wife and family to come home to; she  raises the kiddos, takes care of the house and maintains society demands of an upper class family.  Just like every stay at home mom she grows older and feels less attractive, thereby dressing less attractively until one day she ‘snaps’.  He, finally at a point when he’s ready to retire to his lovely wife, finds she’s not there– at least not the woman he remembers so fondly.

True Spies is written for those who’ve been looking for a great romance that doesn’t involve a society come out or stereotypical ‘May-December’ romances but instead: a little action, a little sex and a lot of wooing and romance.  This is a true love story for grown-ups and as such it exceeds my expectations. True Spies starts at the end, working backward to find middle ground, mixes in those little moments of the beginning in order to find what it means to re-kindle.

Fall may bring cooler temperatures, but with this book’s release in late September, you may feel a warming trend.

PS…My favorite kindle scene starts when Elinor asks her spy husband to “Please stop being so mysterious.”  Look for it with anticipation!


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