Once Upon A Tartan

  • ISBN 9781402268694
  • Price 7.99

I must start out with a quote. ” I am unhappy… no, I am miserable. Abjectly, profoundly, unendingly miserable. I have transgressed before a woman who deserved honesty and more from me, and now my life stretches out, decades of meaningless time…”

What’s a man to do when he’s torn between honor and orders? How is a man not to fall in love when his heart tells him otherwise? Yet, how does a son, who wants to please his father, disobey a request to bring his grand-daughter home?  This story, like a tartan,  has many intricate lines of distinction woven through each chapter and once finished creates a beautifully warm feeling of  happiness for the reader.

If you’re used to a story with fast progression, give Once Upon a Tartan a start to finish read as it will come together and the end end is well worth the wait.


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