The Mystery Woman

The Mystery Woman (Ladies of Lantern Street Series #2)

I’m going to say this upfront, I’ve been reading Amanda Quick novels since the late 90’s and fell in love with her stories. A decade or so later, I’m still enamored with her stories and consider her writing enthralling. The Mystery Woman was a page turner for me, which in turn cause a lack of either sleep or pushing back things til later that weren’t of great importance, such as house work, yard work, etc.

While Amanda Quick novels include some paranormal influence, it’s just a tidbit compared to Jayne Castle’s full on in your face style.  Also, if you’ve never ready Quick, you’ll soon find out that this is a story based on relationship building and not your quick and dirty sex novel. If I remember right, the ‘bedroom’ scene is almost in the last chapter. This isn’t to say that there’s not heat, it’s just not blatantly in your face.

The Mystery Woman picks up not much after Crystal Gardens and weaves a little of this prior book in to the story line.  Opening with a quick synopsis of what the book is about in chapter one, the proverbial ball starts to roll and off we go, pinging and ponging around sleuthing, spying and of course, romance!   Hooking me into the world of our heroine is Quick’s essence of the intimacies of romance and relationship building. Simple things like watching a man get ready for bed. Have you ever watched your lover go through the intimate ritual of shaving, brushing his teeth, washing up, etc.? If so, how did that make you feel…for me it feels like I’m trusted to be in his world. Quick brings this intimate trust to her readers through out the story with all the little things her hero does for his heroine.

A small little sticking point is the pistol wielding. I’m thinking of how many layers there are on a ladies skirts, how heavy they are and where this pistol is hidden via the cover. In reality, the time it would take to retrieve said pistol I truly believe if it weren’t for our hero the heroine would be dead.  If you’re willing to over look this practical point, it’s an enjoyable read that may have you wondering about your own intimate rituals that are either still happening or forgot about.


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