Lady Vivian Defies A Duke and wins readers.

  • Pub Date   May 7 2013
  • ISBN 9781402258404
  • Price 6.99

In this whimsy, light-hearted romance the heroine is a bit clumsy and unconventional. Who doesn’t need a bit of unconventionalism every now and then again? It’s boring to read about a character who is always ‘inside the box’ and never does anything but whine and complain that she’s: too petite, pretty, rich, young and let’s not forget sexually attractive and has too many suitors to choose from. If you’re in to boring, Lady Vivian Defies A Duke is not- I repeat- not the romance for you.

At first, I was uncomfortably embarrassed for the character of Lady Vivian. Once I got past the initial squirming and realized her motivation and desperation I got it and was glad I continued reading as Lady Vivian turns out to be an outside the box character that not only grows on you but you’re willing to laugh at her antics and appreciate how she grows into the Lady she is. As for our hero, Foxhaven, he’s intrigued by the Lady and her antics since he was visually stimulated to do so from the first meeting–a conventional hero who is in need of the Lady and willing to work to get her.

What you’ll find with Samantha Grace is that she’s really, really good at building the human character into her story lines and plot. I’ve read several of Samantha Grace’s novels over the years and enjoy a romance that is actually a story, not just a few thousand words on pages which focus around sexual attraction and sex itself. If this is also what you typically read, then go get yourself a copy of this romance and enjoy!


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