A Tangled Vine Mystery good for all ages.

Pub Date   Sep 8 2013

  • ISBN 9780738737522
  • Price 14.00
  • Edition Paperback

I was in the mood for a good mystery and a cold glass of Pinot Grigio as the temps had been warm and I needed something refreshing for my mind and body.  The brightly hued colors of this cover is what snagged my attention first with its bold burgundy, golden hues and rich purples–which of course is something one would look for in a good wine. The second thing that caught my eye was how the rustic vineyard featured on the cover, along with the type face of the title, was reminiscent of  the classic “Grape of Wrath” by John Steinbeck. Being a classic movie buff combined with my love of food and wine (ergo: GourmondeGirl), who was I to pass up this book?

What I didn’t know until I read the first paragraph was that this book takes place in my ‘backyard’ as I live outside of Austin in the wine country area so this just upped my expectations on the author who reigns from the Pacific Coast, not Texas.

The main character, Elise Beckett, is a delightful female who is smart, quirky and isn’t one to shy away from something as simple as the law.  Speaking of the law, ladies will quickly fall for the handsome Sheriff’s Deputy, Jackson Landry, just as as every female in this book does. Who wouldn’t want a man in uniform, who has an air of youthful-stodginess, and is willing to bend a few rules for a best friend/potential girlfriend?

Grapes of Death is a light-hearted, character infused mystery which revolves around family and friends. You’ll find no love scenes, no drunken or lude behavior–even the ‘bad’ guys are under kindergarten control. Elise swizzles Diet Coke, not wine. I started to think this was a Young Adult Mystery, but it’s not, and with this said, if you’re a die hard mystery reader, you may want to put your expectations on low to figure out “who did it’ and why; this information is too easily derived early on in the book. Typically, this turns me off a book, but I found it such a delightful read, I didn’t really mind.


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