One More Kiss House Party Anyone?

  • Release Date April 30, 2013
  • ISBN9780553593143
  • Price7.99
  • CurrencyUSD
  • EditionMass Market Paperback

“I want to see you dressed in only the shade and shadows of summer.”

It’s not often writers come up with a great line, but this one, after getting to know the male lead, definitely will get the girl out of her dress. If I had not already been in bed, I most likely would have gotten there sooner rather than later as I love getting cozy with my characters and where is more cozy than your own bed? Right?

A good romance novel should contain romance and I can tell you this one is right up there for romance. You’ll feel pity for some, cheer others and even wonder how some are allowed to stay around-not to mention what are they up to when you’re not reading about them. Okay, that may be a little Gladys Krativz for some, but, come on, it’s a book that takes place at a regency house party and you’re the unofficial guest keeping tabs on everyone else. Sure, there’s the female you want to strangle, but if that’s going to throw you off this book, you might want to give up romance novels and go for drama instead.  ‘One More Kiss’ has all the elements of a good romance: Lots of players to keep tabs on, whose doing what to whom, pretty dresses, the wise ladies maid who gives guidance to the young and romantically inclined and lastly at least one Duke, one Lord and yes, the Bad Boy.


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