Highlander Most Wanted- A Story Worth Fighting For

  • Release Date March 19, 2013
  • ISBN9780345533241
  • Price7.99
  • CurrencyUSD
  • EditionMass Market Paperback

‘Highlander Most Wanted’ is a great title for this because after reading this book (which seemed like a mere 3 hours to finish) you’ll want this Highlander too! Who wouldn’t want a man who is steps up to the plate to 1. Wage war and retaliation against those who have harmed your family. 2. Listens to both sides of an argument before passing judgement. 3. Holds true to his decision even if it means going against your family. 4. Strives to see the good in those who others have deemed unworthy. 5. Well, this list could go on into the Top 10 reasons, but I won’t do this to you.

As someone who has traveled to Scotland on several occasions, stayed with a Scottish family for a short time and have come to understand a small bit about the Scottish culture, I’d say that Maya Banks has gotten this book just right. My only one small complaint is that I felt if you’re going to read about a Scottish Clan, there should be a bit more  Scot written in by either clothing, scenery or accent by words placed. I’ve never known a Scotsman to not say “Aye”, “kin” or “doona”; then again I’ve not known a clan not to have a tartan or not wear a kilt at some point. I kept forgetting that this was taking place in Scotland until a clan was mentioned.  Other than this one mention, the writing had great visuals: Action during the battle scene was well detailed and my mind’s eye could run this like a movie; Family reunion scene breathtaking and yes, a tear or two did happen; depth of characters brought to life- definitely-  and very well played out during the entire book.

If you’ve got to read a romance that has great characters, thoughtfulness of deed and clear vision for the story line…read this book.


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