Heaven’s Night is heaven sent

Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9780985324315
  • Publisher: Aderton Prime LLC
  • Publication date: 3/1/2013
  • Pages: 496


First things first. I must say congratulations to Mr. Aderton for a truly captivating novel. When I saw the cover art, I thought: Now here’s a cool looking Sci-Fi book and it will be a good change of pace since I haven’t read one in a while.  By page 14 all I could get out of my brain while reading was WOW! What great imagery, stunning battle scenes and fast paced. By page 18 I thanked the author for including not only clear, concise explanations of the heavenly realms, but was rewarded with explanations throughout Heaven’s Night.  I was well and truly hooked with well thought out details, great visual writing, thought provoking scenes and yet I found myself wondering if this was a sci-fi book or a religious novel.

The more I read, the more hooked I became and found myself impatiently waiting for my next break at work, reading at lunch and staying up past the proverbial bed-time to get my fix; still wondering if this was religious fantasy. Let me say now that I am a believer in God and placed my faith with Jesus, and whether this is or is not a religious novel, I don’t care because to me, even though some liberties were taken, I feel this book was written with God’s army in mind.

To readers who do or do not believe in all that God created before and after The Creation, I think you’ll like this book about one Archangel named Sariel who was told by God to “Stay with me”.  An Archangel who felt he failed God on every turn, fought impossible odds, literally moved mountains to save his wife and his son by standing his ground and being what God created- a protector of the weak, a warrior against evil, and a servant of God.

“When you know who you are, your true self emerges as does your true power” (p. 227)  I for one, must have this book on my bookshelf and will be re-reading this from start to finish again. Also, if you do like this book as much as I did, Mr. Aderton plans on multiple sequels for this series [based on it’s success], which I’m am looking forward to reading.


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